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Video broadcasting is made easy in today’s world using a broadcasting app like Finncast Studio.

In the past video broadcasting was usually done by Television stations & Video Production companies. That day has well passed, and the need to have a broadcasting license in some countries for TV broadcasting was restricting many people from connecting to the world.

live broadcasting software


In today’s world online broadcasting is enormous and free for all to do.  Many people are making a great living from their pre-edited videos & live streaming. It is endless the video content being provided, from tech reviews to ASMR videos.

Many people have gone full time into broadcasting live & video production. It can be done as simple as  using a  webcam & a copy of Finncast Solo and  away they go on YouTube Live, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, VK,, Twitch and so on as there is just too  many live streaming sites to mention.

Online broadcasting is here to stay and there are so many ways to do this from a video studio or even from your own home at very little cost.

Why do people broadcast online?

Because they can make and are making great money from it & they are even becoming famous. The world is your audience and when you broadcast the world is watching.

There are many broadcasting sites that broadcast in HD (high definition) and video streaming software usually has settings for various resolution sizes.

The best live streaming services I suppose are the ones that are free or cheap but also who have big audiences.

Let’s step back a bit here.

People usually broadcast some sort of video content or a show.

How do they make money from it? They make money from a video broadcast or just from previously created videos uploaded to be watched on sites like YouTube. Yes, you get paid in so many ways from YouTube for views of adverts on your video, from companies who see you have a big audience. For example, if you did a broadcast on best grooming tips for men and your video had millions of views, many manufactures of men’s products will take notice quickly and pay you to mention / review their products and also you are getting paid from the advertising. Most people with successful broadcasts get tons of free products to review , promote them and get paid also from the supplier. Define successful broadcast! A lot of views full stop. Does it matter if your show was that entertaining, not at all if you got the viewers? But of course, a good show or appropriate content brings the viewers.


Not all live broadcasts are live, the video content was created at an earlier date and is been broadcasted live to a particular audience at a particular time zone. Yes, people are making money as they sleep, nothing like waking up to a PayPal notification saying you received a Payment!

To spend even a whole day making a 30-minute broadcast could be most profit making. Think about it! no stock, no office required, No delivery services, repeated revenue over and over again.

Of course, how you make your video or live broadcast is important!

The more professional it is the more likely people will stay watching. And to keep them watching and coming back is your aim or at least it should be.

First let’s look at how to get started creating excellent quality video content.

What will you need.

A computer, A Camera or at least a webcam, Some sort of Video broadcast software, if you want to add effects , a backdrop or Virtual Studio.


Broadcasting Studio


Also using a software to broadcast is better than a website as it is more stable and has much more options like real time green screen removal and Camera Switching if you are using more than one camera or will be showing video footage as part of you broadcast.

A video studio in todays world can be in your own bedroom using the right equipment. As your success progresses you can build your video equipment on that. Start small but professional with a small budget, then grow.

If you are going to use a small crew with a studio and many people will be involved, you will need to connect several cameras to your system. Again, a computer is only required with a video capture card for connecting your cameras to the computer.

The computer for most video broadcasting software’s should be of a good specification with a Quad Core CPU (the higher the better) and a high quality graphics card with it’s own GPU & dedicated memory. The broadcasting software itself does not require high processing it is when you are recording and streaming live the processing power can get high especially in HD & 4k.

In the past. a video studio had mountains of equipment to produce the broadcast. In such cases this required much more space for the equipment, higher electrical bills, more technical knowledge, specialized staff to run and maintain the equipment and a large pile of cables. A typical system consisted of a Video Switcher, An Audio mixer, A charter title generator for on screen text, Video players (hardware) to show video footage as part of the broadcast, a physical Studio to broadcast from, a large amount of lighting for the studio, a transmitter to broadcast, a video recorder to record. If one piece of the equipment failed the broadcast failed with it.


Thankfully in today’s world all of the above is in one computer with an all in one package.

Just think of the savings in so many ways. So much less equipment, less room, no real technical skills required, just a computer, the broadcasting software, a video capture card, a virtual studio, saving huge money on a set and lighting, though some lighting will be  needed for the green screen, broadcasting online over the internet and of course a couple of cameras. I think it is fair to say we have come a long way!

Beside dedicated video streaming sites like YouTube, now nearly if not all the social media sites are offering live video streaming, yes, it is true! you can live stream on Facebook, Twitter, VK, and so many more social network websites.

Before to be a Television presenter you had to be chosen by someone acting on behalf of the television station and many thousands went through the process and the lucky person got automatic fame and had a great career.

But today you make the choices, you get to choose you! You have to opportunity to make your own fame with just a small investment. People are so used to being in front of the camera, having their photos, phone recordings published all over the internet that they do not even think twice about it.

The world is truly at your feet now, and you can broadcast to it with no restrictions. Take this opportunity to give you! a career you will truly enjoy & deserve. Or just to make that extra cash you want. Smile and share your knowledge to the world we are interested.








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